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Florida Center For Psychedelics

The Florida Center For Psychedelics is the only mental health center in Florida that provides guidance from a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with Expertise in the integrative practice of psychedelic assisted therapy methods.  With over 20 years of experience and world renowned training, rest assured our center can help you remove the barriers that keep you locked into your unhealthy patterns and pave the way for a renewed path in life.

Feeling lost? Stuck?  Depressed? Anxious?  Locked inside a prison you may have built yourself? Let us hand you the key to pull yourself out!

"I couldn't get out of my head. My life was a series of unfortunate events that buried me deep inside it. But, Vee pulled me out of the darkness and showed me how to become my own light." ---Melanie R.

Debrief from your latest trip in a confidential individual session with an experienced clinician and psychedelic guide. Uncover the patterns that hold you back and work together to create a wellness plan to help you break free from them.

Join others like yourself and debrief together; learning from others' experiences and supporting each other through your collective thoughts, experiences, and resolutions. Group meets virtually on the first Sunday of each month at noon. 

Journeying to your psyche together? Bring your significant other, partner, family member, or closest confidante to experience real change together. Learn together in an intimate setting how to overcome road blocks, self sabotage, and insecurities with someone you trust.


Integration Therapy

**No illicit drugs are provided here**

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