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Phase I: Discovery

Your journey begins with diving into your patterns that contribute to your dissatisfaction and unhappiness in your life. An average of 3 Discovery Integration Therapy sessions helps you lay down the framework for your psychedelic experience. Together we will set the foundation down for the trip of your lifetime. You can bill insurance for this!


Phase III: Ego Plunge

All the magic begins here! This phase is your plunge into your psyche where you face your biggest challenges-- armed with plant medicine. 6-8 hours later,  you will be left with nothing but a smile and a blank slate to carve out the path of life you truly want to walk upon.


Phase II: Set & Setting

Next, you will prepare for your psychedelic experience. Here, you will be building the environment for your journey including soil under your feet, the ticket you ride on, and the company you will take along with you. This integral appointment will give you key to releasing yourself from the chains that bind you. 

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Phase IV:  Integration

This phase helps you make sense of all you have discovered and prepare for what is to come. You will  become the architect of your mind. Together, we will learn how to attribute meaning to what you faced in Phase III and set the stage for a lasting relief. Phase IV lasts approximately 3 months on a biweekly basis.

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