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The Body Keeps Score:
Trauma and Healing

Learn how the Sympathetic Nervous System Becomes Programmed to "on mode" after trauma and how the use of Psychedelic medicine can help switch it off.


The Architect of The Mind: Foundations for Healing

Learn about the changes that brain anatomy undergoes with trauma-based depression and how psychedelics change the landscape of the brain.


Healing Circle

Pack your beach blanket and a friend and Join Licensed  Integration Therapist, Vjolca Capri, in a ceremonial healing circle to meditate, share, and heal together under the starry sky. In Person Healing circles are $500 for 90 min.


Playing With Fire: The Dangers of Unsupervised Psychedelic Healing

Learn about the types of disorders treatable with Psychedelics and those that are not. The pathways utilized in psychedelic healing and the dangers they can ignite are discussed.

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Black Box: Who Do You Let In 

Learn about cutting edge research in the field of psychedelics and how the treatment of integration therapy has developed. Tips are discussed for how to find a sound practitioner.


Couples Healing Ceremony

Join Licensed Integration Therapist, Vjolca Capri, in a couple's ceremonial healing ceremony to help you get closer together, find renewed love, and pave a path for healing together. In Person Couple's Healing Circles are $500/90 m

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